Why Seasonal Condensation Can Be A Home Inspection Trap

In this episode of House Talk we discuss finding and reporting signs of seasonal condensation in an attic space. This is a common home inspector trap and a subject which, in many climate zones, we are still struggling to get our heads around as a building industry.


The building code has really not addressed this problem adequately in some climate zones, which is leaving consumers with new houses that are built to a minimum code and are experiencing seasonal moisture problems. We’ll look at why seasonal condensation happens and show a diagram that explains air movement through a building and the stack effect.

We’ll also discuss radiant night sky cooling and how it contributes to condensation problems.


More is Better: We’ll address the myth that the solution to the attic condensation problems is always “more ventilation”.

We’ll also look at a case study of a home inspection I performed in the winter of 2019 and see how tricky it is to provide sound advice when there are so many possible inputs regarding all the potential causes.

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