Understanding The Semantic Web

Semantic Web and Google+

The World Wide Web is evolving right before your eyes. In real time. Right now.

In a recent Hangout On Air (HOA), David Amerland discusses what that means and how you can take advantage of the evolution. In this video David’s audience is lawyers, but it could be any industry, especially an industry framed in “authority” and “trust” … the Home Inspection Industry.

The vid is about one hour. We found the juicy parts starting about the 3:00 mark, but for the most benefit watch the entire hang out.


DavidAmerlandDavid Amerland

David is an enthusiastic social media evangelist, without being blind to its issues. He’s excited by how social media has the potential to change practically everything we do. David spreads that excitement in the executive mini-MBA courses he presents for Rutgers and, in a different way, when he writes for Forbes.

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