Understanding Manufactured Houses – House Talk with Dylan Chalk

In 1974, Congress passed the National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act which authorized the Department of Housing and Urban Development to establish construction standards for manufactured homes. In 2000, Congress updated the 1974 Act.

In passing the two laws, Congress, intended to protect the quality, durability, safety and affordability of manufactured homes; to facilitate the availability of affordable manufactured homes and increase homeownership for all Americans; to provide for the establishment of uniform and performance-based construction standards for manufactured homes; and to encourage cost-effective and innovative construction techniques for manufactured homes.

Congress also authorized the establishment of a Manufactured Housing Consensus Committee (MHCSS) to assist HUD in the development, revision and interpretation of the MHCSS.

In addition, it authorized HUD to establish minimum manufactured home installation standards that could be adopted by states to provide for the initial installation of new manufactured homes and a program to provide for the resolution of disputes between consumers, retailers and manufacturers.

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In this podcast, Dylan speaks with one of our Facebook Group members, Don Hester of North Central Washington Home Inspection.

See Don’s Website Here.

Don is a Washington State licensed home inspector #647 and a structural pest inspector #80050 and he is an instructor at the Bellingham Technical College home inspection program.

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