The Edge – How Well Do You Know Your Client?

Your Solution To The Pain

You should address the fundamental needs of your customer. These needs may be:

  • Need for acknowledgement
  • Need for acceptance
  • Need for contribution
  • Need for security or safety
  • Need to feel competent or confident in what they do
  • Need for close relationships

You must deliver at least one benefit to your client:

  • Save time
  • Save money or make money
  • Make them look or feel good
  • Improve their social standing
  • Improve their health

Meeting and satisfying the appropriate needs addresses the pain, whilst the benefits deliver the gain. Understanding this concept puts you ahead of your competition, who are focused on features and themselves!

To solidify you market you should follow:

  1. Research your target market
  2. Develop a solution to their needs
  3. Ensured your inspection service satisfies their ‘pains’
  4. Included benefits that are perceived by your client as a ‘gain’
  5. Price your solution at a level that is acceptable to your client – keep in mind – your fee can be actually be higher than your competition if you successfully answer 1 through 4 – above.

Why Does This Work?

Your offering – your value proposition – has to satisfy various emotional and financial considerations, to be viewed by your clients as representing value.

Value means different things to different people. If your value proposition resonates with your target market by meeting and exceeding their unfulfilled needs (pain) whilst improving their lives at some level (gain), you have delivered value.

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