Social Media Moment – Value vs Engagement


Social Media Minute :: Engagement vs Value

Looking at Engagement

We’ll do it on FB. There are other platforms, but we’ll look at FB this time. There are three activities that show levels of social engagement.

  • The Like – the cheapest of social signals – Can be given without even reading your content.Really – when you get right down to it – it’s not worth much.
  • A Comment – more meaningful, but some comments aren’t worth much more than a like – especially if you don’t like the comment!
  • The Share – now you’re getting somewhere – much more meaningful – and when your content is shared by those who share a lot of content, you begin to get comments and likes. aaaahhhhhhh – the trifecta!

Looking at Value

It can be entertainment – it could be information – but how do you measure it? Who determines social value?


Value Target

Here’s the KEY! Don’t forget this – it’s most important part. YOU don’t decide value. You may think you do.

Your audience determines value. Sharing content on social media is about the value that you provide your audience.

You won’t realize value until later – keep reading!

Engagement can also be an indicator of value. And…there are two more! Both are directly connected to engagement.

  1. Traffic – how much engagement your getting. It can be measured.
  2. And the holy grail of engagement – Sales! That certainly can be measured.

Now you’re doing something right!

The Take Away

Engagement doesn’t always come first. It’s a metric – and with all metrics, it’s important to see it within context. Without context, engagement is worthless. And depending on what you want to do and what you want to achieve – it may even be worthless in context.

The value, on the other hand, (the type you provide to your audience) should never be worthless. Remember – – you don’t decide value – your audience does.

So – what value are you delivering your audience? Is your engagement turning into the sales?

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