Smoke Detector Pole

Our vendor spotlight features James Truscott – over the years James worked as a building inspector in the Dallas Metro –

Often his job included testing smoke detectors – sometimes he’d ask a tenant to borrow a broom or mop or walking cane – anything that would help get to the unit in out of reach spots. I’m sure you’ve been there – – if not a stick – you’re carrying a ladder or a stool. In some cases the housing unit was vacant – so…no broom or mop or cane.

To fulfill the need – he invented his own – but it’s not just a pole – it’s collapsable and – – – there are a few other features – we’ll let him tell you in his own words…enjoy our conversation with inventor of the Smoke Detector Pole – James Truscott.


With the Smoke Detector Pole you can make testing your smoke detectors safe and easy. No more ladders, brooms, sticks, or inconvenience. Created by a housing inspector, the patent pending design makes it possible for anyone to test smoke detectors quickly and with ease. This tool is great for home owners, commercial maintenance staff, and fire safety inspectors. 

Available exclusively from Smoke Detector Pole, LLC.

  • Commercial Grade Tough! Stainless Steel Construction
  • Extends out to 5 feet, can reach up to 10 feet
  • Compatible with most major brands and models of smoke detectors
  • Fits in pocket or tool bag
  • Great for home use
  • Saves time with site inspections
  • Peace of mind
  • Now with a magnetic tip