Sharing is Good – Sharing on Google+ is GREAT!


One of the first things we learn in life is the importance of sharing.

Like most kids, my mom and dad drilled that into my brain and sometimes it didn’t sit well. I was just too young to understand. I was still caught up in the belief that is all about ME  – ME  – ME!

My friend Martin Shervington has written a rather keen article about sharing and especially sharing content on Google+.

Martin says: Sharing is at the heart of Google+.

He should know, with nearly 200,000 followers (at this writing), he’s the king of sharing…and what’s more, thousands share his brand every day!

Give this little 4 1/2 minute video a look. I hope you get an idea how important sharing on Google+ is, I know I did.

Want to expand your business/brand. Sharing is Good – Sharing on Google+ is GREAT!

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