Presentation Golden Rule – KISS


1. This is easy to understand
2. Anyone can do it
3. The concept will fit any presentation

2013 is almost here and you’re arming yourself with marketing ideas for the coming year. How can you be effective and not waste your audience’s time?

KISS – Keep It Super Simple and make the body of your presentation pass the $300,000 challenge.

Let’s say you’re about to give a presentation to 20 people. Before the presentation I offer you $300,000 cash and say “You can have the money under one condition. After your presentation, I will approach three people from the audience and ask them to repeat to me your key messages. If all three can do it, you win the money.”

If those are the conditions, you will limit your presentation to a few key messages. You’ll keep the messages short. And you’ll repeat them many times.

Any good presentation should leave the audience with a few memorable messages. And it’s not hard to do. Just ask yourself, “What are the three things that my audience must remember?” Focusing on three points is a simple, highly effective approach. Regardless of how complex the topic, it always needs to be boiled down to three exact points, or your material becomes irrelevant to your audience.

Do you remember my three points? Easy to understand. Anyone can do it. The concept is flexible.

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