Thermo Gun

IR Thermometer Accuracy

From our Facebook Community – Shawn Staggs In your opinion, how accurate is an IR Thermometer? Assuming the closer you are to the object being measured…


WordPress Blogs Moving Toward SSL

Matt Mullenweg announced in early December 2016 that some features on WordPress will require a secured connection. Are you using WordPress on your home inspection…

picture of insulation

Some Squeaking Floors Start in the Attic

From our Facebook Group: My last inspection was a 2003 build. Both floors of bedrooms adjacent to each other—opposite sides of the house—had floors that…

Mystery Box with Question Mark

What Is This Product?

WHAT IS THE MYSTERY PRODUCT: Has a manufacturer’s association. Has 1 % failure rate after 10 years and a 3 % rate after 15 years….

TIP: Brass Gas Connector

Just a tip for anyone that does not know.If you ever see this type of Brass flex hose being used it is dangerous and could…