NICE on the outside!—-but inside……

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You know the type. You have seen them all along the streets of America. From California to Ketchikan–to Martha’s Vineyard and Key West. Dressed to the nines– –and sure to stop traffic or cause an accident. Ahhh, if only looks were everything! They are an inspector’s nightmare.

I mean I don’t go out of my way to be a deal killer, but when someone spends more time “dressing up” than they do of taking care of what is “inside and underneath,” what is a poor inspector to do.  The other day I did an inspection where everything was in place.  It had an awesome location on the beach, awesome curb appeal, good maintenance of the exterior, roof in great condition, and interior completely remodeled–very tastefully.  A buyer’s–dream come true.

Unfortunately, just like (or unlike) the hottie walking down the street in a short-short-sundress–or sitting on the dock in a bikini–things underneath and inside–things hidden– were actually in turmoil.

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This article is published by Seattle Home Inspector and THI Guest Blogger Charles Buell over at Buell Inspections Inc.

ASHI member Charles Buell has been designing and building residential structures for over 35 years and currently sits on the Washington State Home Inspector License Advisory Board.

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