Press Releases


  • Will 2017 Be Remembered as the Year of the Buy Outs? USA—November 15, 2017“Hello HomeGauge users, as you know, HomeGauge is committed to supporting inspectors...

  • “Every day American consumers are offered innovative new products and services to make their homes smarter,” said Jessica Rich. “Consumers want these devices to be secure, so we’re asking for creativity from the public – the tinkerers, thinkers and entrepreneurs – to help them keep device software up-to-date.”

  • While working as a home inspector, Michael Floyd found customers had issues with the process of finding the right home inspection company for the right type of inspection (Lead paint or termites? Mold or Radon?) in the right geographical area.

  • "Our first speaker of the new year, Joe Konopacki of Insight Property Services, did a fantastic job. His presentation, Uncontrolled Air Flow in Homes kept everyone logged in to the last slide...