Should a New Home Be Inspected?

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It’s NEW! We’ll simply waste our money hiring a home inspector on new property.


Think again!

Michael Koester of Direct Home Inspections started a nice thread on our Facebook Group. The topic is new construction inspections.

For those of you that inspect a lot of new homes, what are the common issues that you find requiring repair or correction?

It seems like I’m doing more new home inspections. Aside from the normal stuff that you find in existing homes, I want to be sure I’m not missing anything that’s commonly defective in new houses. Tell me your top 5 –

We see this almost daily. Buyers think because it’s new, it’s safe and sound.


Here’s a short sample list from our 2,000 member group.

  • Improperly installed siding
  • No kickoff flashing at roof to wall
  • Improper deck construction
  • Cut or damaged engineered joist
  • Improperly supported PEX
  • Missing P-Trap on HVAC condensation lines
  • No walkway to attic equipment
  • Not enough ridge vent installed for the size of the attic
  • CSST pipe not grounded
  • Water penetration issues due to poorly installed sprinkler systems
  • Missing insulation
  • Bonding screw not removed on sub panels
  • AFCI and GFCI protection not where required
  • Plumbing hot and cold backwards on fixtures
  • High efficiency furnace concentric vents installed backwards
  • No roof drip edge or rake edge metal
  • Bollards missing/inadequate
  • Non-functional weather-stripping on attic and crawl space covers
  • Toilet hooked to hot water
  • Missing fire-stopping
  • Non fire rated attic stairs
  • Windows not properly installed
  • Doors not blocked and shimmed
  • Poor building envelope seal
  • Range anti-tip brackets not installed
  • Plumbing vents that don’t terminate¬†thru roof
  • Improperly or not completely installed dishwasher


This list sounds like an existing property list doesn’t it.

When your new home doesn’t get a thorough inspection these issues are usually uncovered by a professional home inspector when you sell. It just goes to prove that ALL property should be thoroughly inspected.

If you’re buying a spec house or a custom home, call a professional inspector.



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