Local Startup Offers FREE Home Inspections

Homevibe Free Inspections

It seems that this Seattle start-up has been providing a FREE home inspection and allowing others to purchase it for a long time. Move over Nick Gromicko.  The FREE inspection space is filling up fast. We’ve also heard Nathan Thornberry is interested in joining the party.

Nick, Nathan, meet Maxim and Kwaku of Homevibe.

The Seattle real estate market is so competitive, you can easily spend thousands on multiple home pre-inspections only to have your offer rejected. So a local company called Homevibe says it has a solution that can reduce the inspection fees by more than half.

Former Microsoft manager Kwaku Sefa-Dedeh and his tech-savvy co-founder, Maxim Soloviev, offer independent pre-inspections to buyers who want to get a general idea of a property’s condition. “We do one good inspection and we allow lots of different people that are interested in the house to purchase that information for a reduced price,” Sefah-Dedeh explained.

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They started their venture back in 2016. The concept was to offer an inspection that offers buyers a “general idea” of the property’s conditions. As of this writing – their website is still up, so something must be moving forward? Our group members are noting “leave behind cards” in home’s they’ve been hired to inspect.

The startup gets the word out through local real estate agents, so the agents can give their sellers the option of having their homes pre-inspected prior to listing. The seller does not pay, and has no say in who does the inspection work, or what the inspectors report back to www.Homevibe.com.

Obviously – let’s jump to the most important question: Is this a replacement for the traditional home inspection? Homevibe says No.

Our Insights Reports are intended to help buyers make informed decisions prior to making an offer. The goal is to gather the most important information at an affordable price.

For this purpose the inspectors cover all the accessible house systems in search of the big show stopping defects. They also comment broadly on categories of some issues instead of painstakingly documenting each individual case. We encourage all new owners to get a full inspection of their home to get those details.

We believe there is incredible value in having an experienced professional explain the ins and outs of your new home as well as having an in-depth written report after the inspection. The full inspection report is like an operating manual for the home, allowing homeowners to take better care of their new home and increase its value over time.

It looks as if they have more to offer, too! Should the guys at www.HomeBinder.com keep an eye on their “sister service” Belfry? The company claims to have a modern and convenient system to maintain a new home. Check them out here: https://getbelfry.com/ 

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