You Clearly Have a Moisture Problem – with Bryan Orr

Just say, “You clearly have a moisture problem.”

I’m sure you’ve seen this condition, water seems to be either leaking from or forming on the air supply register in the ceiling.

Why do we have a moisture problem? Most often it’s because we’re adding water to the indoor air space. We know that water is tricky. It can enter the space as a vapor or a liquid.

Moisture Problem

Photo Source: Flickr – Bob White

Once it’s inside – if the space is too cold, you’ll have a moisture driver from the outside. The risk of having the thermostat set point really low is the risk you’ll drive the inside temp below dew point.

So what can you do about it? Well – there are a lot of things you can do.

I follow Bryan Orr, an HVAC Professional in Orlando, Florida. The name of the Podcast is The HVAC School Podcast.

Here’s a short sample of his show, listen to Bryon talk about the “M” word.

You don’t have to say Mold or Mildew, just say…”You clearly have a moisture problem.”

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