The Attic Inspection


Are you breathing dead rat? Gross huh.

I don’t think we need too much more information that would discourage a homeowner to not want to enter the attic – or consider thinking about going up to the attic space. It’s unsafe, dirty and often poorly lite. The stairways are often broken and the heat in an attic is unbearable in the south.

So…home sellers beware – don’t be too surprised to find a laundry list of issues that need repair. Inspectors typically find poor maintenance – especially if the heating/cooling equipment and water heating equipment are stored in the attic.

There is hope – follow some of our tips and/or email your maintenance questions to

Find these helpful hings from today’s show:


Slip Resistant Tape

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

OSHA: Confined Space Publication

OSHA: Confined Space in Construction


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