My Client Wants a Refund – NOW WHAT

My Client Wants a Refund – NOW WHAT?!

First of all, it’s not the end of the world. If you’re in business long enough – sooner or later you’ll be confronted with this situation.

What is most important as it relates to this topic? Priority #1 is to SAVE THE RELATIONSHIP with your client.

Do you have a SUPER CLEAR refund policy?

  • Is this the first time you’ve ever considered refunding your fee? If so – take a deep breath and look inward.
  • State a refund policy your contract – it’s first step to avoiding refunds…right?…if you’ve addressed the topic already – you’ll be in a stronger position, especially if it’s in writing.
  • Remember priority #1? Save the Relationship with your client.

Don’t React First – 

  • By all means – be prompt – but find out why they feel they need a refund. In our profession – that means you’ll want to visit the job. Help them understand – most disgruntled clients want to be heard.
  • DO NOT give them the feeling they are being ignored or disrespected.
  • Remember priority #1? Save the Relationship with your client.

Use THEIR insight as a tool to change YOUR perspective. 

  • Unhappy customers can be a goldmine for how you can improve your inspection service.
  • Listen to them, and see the situation as a GIFT to you and NOT a burden. Change your perspective.
  • Remember priority #1? Save the Relationship with your client.

Don’t communicate with your client when you’re angry.

  • It’s paramount that you DO NOT communicate with the client when you’re angry – that’s not going to work out well.
  • Acknowledge you’ve received their concern and respond in a pre-formatted email – send it to them right away.

Ask your client for details.

  • Have your client describe the situation in writing. They should be a specific as possible.
  • Once in writing you can now investigate. It’s best to repeat their complaint and determine if the request is reasonable.