Inspectors Remember Their First Inspection

How did your first inspection go?

Everyone has to start somewhere, right? Here are a few of our favorite posts from our open group on Facebook.

It was the first time the clients or their agent had seen the house in daylight. Almost 2 square of shingles were missing. The roof had 3 layers visible and the roof had active leaks…and I came face to face with a squirrel when I poked my head through the tiny attic hatch. I remember it well! They walked. – Tom

I can only imagine the look on the squirrel’s face!

Forgot my SD card for the camera. Forgot to lock front door before placing the key in lock-box. My USB drive corrupted when transferring images from one system to another. It was a day to forget – but I can’t. – Kevin

I’m glad that only happens to the fist time guys! – NOT – been there done that…but, what a challenging day!

My camera kept chewing through batteries. I missed a few things and when I went to thank the home owner for letting me go through their home my hand was so wet from nervous sweats I think you needed a towel. Much easier now. – George

Does falling off the roof count? (Asking for a friend) – Randy

That happened to me my second week in. Operator error with my ladder, almost landed on my client. He was an emergency room nurse and wanted to take me to the hospital, but I instead spent the next three hours inspecting the house instead (and did another one for him a few months later).

My wife was extremely disappointed in me, I went home for lunch, then on to the next inspection and didn’t say a thing to her. Then she saw my legs and blown up knee that evening…..I caught some serious hell for that. – Al

WOW – falling from a roof is some serious action.

My first was a 1600 sq ft single story with so many defects…I took about 400 pictures and used 2 batteries on my camera. – Frank

My first inspection was for an older widow. She was the homeowner. Just making conversation I asked if she was selling – she said no. It was odd so I asked if she was having issues with the house. She said no, she just wanted it checked out. I did the inspection and was talking with her about the few small issues I’d found. She then asked if I was giving the report to the bank? I told her Appraisers provide reports to the bank. Inspectors provide their report directly to their client. – – – Turns out she was trying to re-finance and actually needed an Appraisal. I explained the difference and gave her check back. I then called a Mortgage Manager I know at a local bank and got her a couple of names for Appraisers. – Bobby

We’re often confused with Appraisers. Noble of you to give the money back. That’s great!

It was the worst inspection I’ve ever done. Showed up way early, took forever, got yelled at by the owner, the buyers agent, and my client. I swore if it got any worse than that I would quit. That was 10 years ago. I’ve learned a lot since then. Mostly to disregard most of what the agents say. Like “You have to check the model number to determine if that FedPac Stablok panel needs to be replaced. I heard you were new and I’m just letting you know.” – Sean

About halfway through the inspection the agent turns to me and asked me “how much longer”. Now at my 100th, 500th, and just last Tuesday’s … the agents are asking the same question (although this past Friday afternoon the buyer ask me “Done already?” after a little over 2 1/2 hours…) – Al

My very first inspection cost me 1200 bucks. I made a notation about subterranean termite damage and had a WDO inspector produce a report which made a notation as well. However I did not sufficiently describe the damage to the kitchen countertop and cabinets. As a result I put in a new laminate countertop and base cabinet. I was trying to separate my liability of the termite inspection from My report, I have actually inspected that house three times since for three different buyers over the last 15 years LOL – Ken

Whether you are a long time veteran inspector or considering the inspection profession we’d love to have you join us. Warning! You will LEARN something – Beware!

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