Inspector SMO – Promote Using Check-In Marketing

5 Steps to Setting Up Check-In Marketing

Here’s a handy way to promote your home inspection business coverage area. We’ll use the “check-in” feature on Facebook.

Here’s how it works!

1) When you’re at the home inspection take a photo of the sales agent’s signage, subdivision signage or any image you want to promote your story or event.

2) Open your iPhone and use Facebook’s check-in feature. Post the story, who you’re with and the image to Facebook. The image will land on your personal profile page.

3) Next…open your profile page on Facebook. Find the image you just posted and click “Share”. Follow the menu and share the check-in on a specific Fan Page that you create. It can be any fan page. For instance, your company business page. But for this idea, create a “city Fan Page”. Name the city page and share it to that page.

4) Using the Facebook Fan Page embed script (see link below), iframe the posts/story into a page on your website. Here’s where you get the code to embed your Fan Page. This is really easy to do with WordPress.

5) Now, create a menu of all the Fan Pages on your website and show the pages as your “coverage area”.


::Next Step::

Take the idea to the next level and take advantage of the new Google+ Collections feature. Share the check-ins through Google+ and Facebook and double your coverage.

Now that’s thinking outside the box!

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