Home Inspector Discovers What People Will Do For 5 Bucks!

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Brian Shriver’s Facebook page caught our attention last week.

Brian works in New York State. He’s recently been nominated for InterNACHI’s Member of the Year/Gromicko Award. He manages Shriver Home Services, in Branchport – that’s about 50 miles southeast of Rochester, NY, in the Finger Lakes Area.

We rang him and asked a few questions about his videos and photos.

Inspector Interview

We really love your videos. Where do you get them – – do you make them yourself or buy them?

I order a lot of gigs through Fiverr.com, I’m not an affiliate, and there are many similar sites.

I like Fiverr because it’s easy to navigate and they don’t allow adult content. You can literally get everything from videos and logo design to SEO services…all starting at $5.00. I post videos, motivational quotes, celebrity photo shops and other fun stuff on my social networking sites.

People really like fresh content that is fun and doesn’t feel like a sales pitch. No one will want to share a stock ad. But, if you post a fun picture that just happens to have your logo on it, people will share it. Rather than spending a lot on ad words, Facebook ads, etc. I market fun things to my friends and when they like them they share with there friends.

It’s more indirect than a ‘Buy Home Inspection Here’ type of ad, but it’s cheaper and helps promote my brand locally. It also recruits my friends and family without even asking them. They see something they like and share it.

What kind of feedback have you gotten from the Fiverr vids?

My social circle loves it. The celeb photo shops holding my sign are the most popular. People also like the famous billboards with my logo on them. The feedback from some of my friends in the Inspection business has been mixed. Many feel like doing fun things like this isn’t how to elevate the profession. Nobody wants to be the Crazy Eddie of home inspections, but people like a soft sell. You could cold call the familys of everyone in the obituary section to see when they need the pre-listing inspection on Grandma’s house, but I’d rather build local awareness, work on my SEO, and have them think of me first when it’s time for a home inspection.

Do you change your videos out often – how long do you leave each video running?

I like for it to be organic. Since I rarely pay for social media ads, I’ll post it with my business page and also like and share on my personal page. After that the more people like and share it the longer it will circulate. I don’t get too down if something I thought was great doesn’t do well. There is no accounting for taste, when something really takes off I try to post similar items.

Is this the only one you have?

I’m posting “something” all the time. I like to not post the same type of media too many times in a row without something to break it up. Videos are more usually more expensive so I post less of them, mixed in with celebrity photo shops, motivational quotes, photoshoped billboards, pictures of the view from and inspection here or there (the lake views are especially popular), and an occasional ad playing it straight just to make sure everyone always has my contact information.

Where do you run it?

I mostly post to Facebook. I do have all the usual social media outlets and post to them all on a semi regular basis, but Facebook seems to be the go to for most of my marketing efforts.

How long did the process take?

Depending on the service it can take from a few hours to a few days. If you can use something pre-produced it could be a matter of minutes for them to plug in your information and logo. For something completely custom it can take quite a bit longer and cost a little more.

Are you looking for interesting content? Try Fiverr.

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