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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the service industry accounts for over 70% of US jobs. The home inspection profession is a service based industry. As a home inspector you are a service professional.

If you aren’t using the free listing that’s included with Google My Business you are missing a branding gold mine. Let’s look at a few screen shots, some tips, some cool links and and a few features.


Here are a few basics, tips and links that will help you grow your business.

To take advantage of Google My Business  you”ll need a GOOGLE EMAIL ADDRESS: – – (it’s FREE)

Jump to my listing for a preview. It’s based on this COMPANY NAME: SafeHome Inspections

The Google My Business will connect to Google Maps, you’ll have access to a mini blog, the Google Reviews platform and Google’s powerful search engine.

Once you’re up and running with Google My Business you’ll get a website with a custom web address. PREVIEW HERE

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More Marketing Stuff

Here are a few connected services that support your profile. FREE Marketing Materials:

The site above can act as your primary website, but most inspectors have purchased a domain name. Have you optimized your .com website for mobile? 

Use this link to Test Your Mobile Speed

Class is now in session! Click here and Learn Marketing Techniques lightening fast with Google Primer:

Here are some great tips for Team Management:


#1 Marketing SEO TIP – Topic: Website Growth and Search Ranking – In this short podcast you learn how to visit Google’s Search Console and perform a simple task to quickly boost your website page ranking. (jump to time slot 2:30 below)

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