Garage Doors

Garage Doors

The following is a series of informative videos and information provided by door manufacturers and others. Thank you for your submissions.

Understanding Garage Door Counterbalance (LINK)

How to Balance a Garage Door

DDM has produced one of the best “How-To” training videos describing how to adjust garage door balance. Your home inspector should test your door balance. No tools are required.

Annually perform the balance test shown in this video. It’s a simple test and does not require special training or equipment.

WARNING!! Do NOT attempt to make these adjustments!! Call a professional garage door installer.

Adjust Your Garage Door Opener’s Travel and Down Force

This video will explain to you how to adjust the lifting and dropping force of the door as well as how to adjust the maximum height and minimum height of your door.

Remember, a good level of force is something between 30 and 35 pounds in the summer, and about 5 to 10 pounds in the winter. Also with one full turn on the dial of sears/chamberlain openers will give you two full inches of travel. Go here to find settings for your Genie Opener. Click to find settings for Chamberlain Opener. See Overhead Door owner’s manuals.

Replace Garage Door Bottom Seal Weatherstripping

Replacing your bottom seal on your garage door can be a little confusing, especially considering there are so many different parts to weatherstripping on a garage door, such as retainers, inserts, and seals. This video is an explanation of how to replace the Astragal, or more commonly known as the bottom seal insert for your garage door.

TIP: When ordering bottom weather strip, purchase about 6 inches more than the width of your door. Example: If you have an 18-0 foot door, order 18-6. See why in the video below!

The bottom seal insert is a bit tricky to slide into place, especially with older or worn doors. This video will show you some tricks of the trade on how to remove and replace your garage door bottom seal.



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