Follow These 3 Inspector Video Basics for Success

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Videos are a great way for home inspectors to gain more attention and increase conversion rates (get hired). They inform and can entertain your FB page visitors. Keep  reading to learn how to use inspector video productions to grow your brand.

You’ll want to follow these 3 inspector video basics for success.

Create some love and get your fans clicking! They love mobile video. Check out this study on why people share videos  with others! (PDF Study)

Here’s one I made yesterday (12/12/2016). It’s about 32 seconds (a tad bit over the recommended length – see below for stats) but within 24 hours had gained over 900 views. It’s crazy simple and is a great example that you don’t have to be Martin Scorsese to create a buzz.


Q: What is the best time length for video on Facebook?

A: Keep it short! As in, under 30 seconds – 22 seconds to be exact — is the number you want to shoot for.


Q: Ok – I want to add a video. Native or push it to FB from YouTube?

A: Well, since Facebook owns the domain, what do you think? You got it – – they won’t push a YouTube video with the same metrics as a native vid.

From a recent study – native videos resulted in:

814 likes vs 342 for the 3rd party
168 shares vs 63 for the 3rd party
104 comments vs 14 for the 3rd party
181,760 people reached vs 88,950 for the 3rd party


Q: How can I get someone to click on my Native, 22 second video?

A: Make sure you do your best to optimize the following information when uploading your Facebook videos.

  • Write a great title – ask yourself “what would make somebody watch this?” Your videos should be helping entertain or solve a problem so learn how to peak their interest.
  • Keywords – pretty self explanatory, but some of us need reminders that Facebook also has a search engine. Are you including keywords properly?
  • Description – don’t be lazy when it comes to your description. Too many people get excited during the uploading process that they forget to add key additional information here to entice views.

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