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Many home inspection companies (including mine) are beginning to incorporate Drone technology. Check out the BeBop by Parrot. It’s the latest camera carrying entry in the Consumer Drone Market. Although not readily available – the BeBop looks promising to many home inspectors because of price point, ease of use and photo capturing/sharing capabilities.

Just last week the FAA gave the green light for six movie studios to fly unmanned aircraft for films and television shows. It said it was considering dozens of other requests from commercial companies, including Amazon.com Inc. AMZN, +0.90%which is seeking approval for an all-drone delivery service, Amazon PrimeAir.

Now hold on, Google is not to be outdone by Amazon! The have plans for a delivery service of their own using unmanned Drones.

Keep Up With Parrot’s Availability and News  here by dropping your email address. How’s the Parrot priced?  Check it out!  It’s not as expensive (and complex) – compared to the DJI (below).

NOTE :: Take Care! Many countries, including the United States, regulate the use of unmanned aircraft. Before flying make sure to understand the rules that apply to you and your location. See that very recently the FAA has taken a firm stand on Drones.

The challenge, as most often occurs with Governmental oversight, technology has push what the FAA calls “model aircraft” to “new heights”. Visit FAA Rules for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).

Keep it below 400 feet, away from airports, schools, highways and crowds and you’re less likely to have issues with the FAA.

Here’s sample footage with the BeBop. It was filmed by Michael Paris – PROVIEW Professional Home Inspections.

Just the other day I received my new quad to do aerial inspections. I was a user of another system before but felt that I needed to see if there was a more simplistic approach to quickly gather information and move on. Before I had to carry around a huge case, that contained the quad, 3 batteries for the GoPro, charger and cables for GoPro, 4 batteries for the quad, charger, cables, the quad itself and a gimbal.

I always had a concern about damaging the gimball and that would be a terrible problem when ready to use. So I decided to make a change and went to a new system with a new approch of how to get the information quicker, less chance of damage, less to carry and the ability to see the data first hand.

I just recieved the new “BeBop” drone made by Parrot and must say I am so pleased. It is basically a “flying camera”. The unit is small but robust and it has a fisheye fixed lens at the front. No more gimbal because it has  Full HD video stabilized on 3-axis’s and is a 14MP 180deg sensor window.

One of the great features of the camera is you can focus on any part of the screen by simply moving your fingers on the tablet screen.

If your looking a simple approach to get those area’s that may be harmful to you then consider this valuable tool.

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