DOME and Homeworthy Part II

Today's Home Inspector Podcast - In The House - Homeworthy

Hi I’m Gary Smith – you know the internet has made the world smaller and the websites you use every day may originate here in the US – or – from any country in the WORLD!

We’re in the house today with just such a company. Actually two companies – – both companies originate from Australia but are offered online here in North America.

As you may recall a few weeks ago we spoke with Pat Butler and the things he’s doing with Homeworthy. Well – we’re back with Homeworthy  – – today we’ll speak with Homeworthy founder Bob Sternberg.

He and Pat talk about another product called DOME – – – –  and they have some exciting new news to share as we talk about the home inspection profession.

This is Part 2 of a two part session – enjoy my conversation with Bob Sternberg and Pat Butler.

The Homeworthy Inspection System brings together the synergy of professionals for a reliable, robust and accurate property inspection experience. It is a one stop cloud based solution that ticks all the boxes and provides your business with a customised management dashboard lets you collect and store securely your client database.  The mobile application system is designed for inspectors, certifiers, builders, engineers and individuals. Record, store property inspection information and generate reports electronically while on-site.