DIY Electrician Records Life Threatening YouTube VIDEO

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Electrical Consultant Joe Tedesco found this one not only surprising, but very dangerous. He’d like you to know that before you watch a DIY video and get very bad advice, please be careful. There are some DIY projects you don’t want to attempt.

I am still wondering why YouTube allows these types of video clips by DIY persons and why his former college allows this blog! – Joe Tedesco

However, not all videos on YouTube offer bad advice. This one by Sparky Channel Productions explains how to perform the exact same task.

What can you, as a professional home inspector,  do to help?

  1. Alert your clients to the dangers of working with a system or component they are not familiar with.
  2. Always recommend an experienced licensed and bonded professional.
  3. Share this page through social media NOW to help prevent this potential life threatening video from being seen.

What should a homeowner do? Take care when performing DIY projects. It’s best to leave tasks like electrical repairs to the pros.

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