Turn Your Customer Service Into a Branding Opportunity

Social Media Magic

We’ll show you a dynamic example of how to turn your customer service Q and A into social media magic.

Let’s go…

A random PM to me today on Facebook:

Hello Gary – I have a house question that you might be able to answer. Our home doesn’t have a gutter system. We sit on a hill and have not had drainage problems or issues with water collection after heavy rains. However, similarly situated homes in our neighborhood seem to have a gutter system. How do I know whether or not I need to install a gutter system? Thanks, Fran

How To Respond?

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Google Search Starts w/Your Profile!

I want to respond to my client. But I also want to use the service opportunity to increase my Social Media footprint. I want to optimize. SMO (social media optimization). Cleverly that could also be read – Social Media Opportunity.

These are the things I think about and how I set up this magic trick.

Do It On My Blog
The request was a simple question. For the most bang for my buck, I went to my blog (Real Estate Reality) and created a list for her to consider. You can Read My Response here or click the link in the Twitter embed below. 

Note that I created the main image on the article with an editor called Canva.com. I use WordPress for my website software. I love WordPress as it offers tons of ways to embed keywords in my images. It also is pretty dog-gone easy to use!

Of course you don’t have to wait till you have a client’s question. You can take the thousands of photos we share in the Facebook Group as ideas to work from. Join us (if you haven’t already) in our sister groups on LinkedIn and Google+. We’ve grown to about 7,000 members!

What’s Next?

Push the story to Social!

Hit Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram. I used Twitter’s embed feature (below) as an example of how you can share the Twitter platform on your website.

Spread the LOVE!

Ask her for a Review?
I asked her to jump to Google and give me a quick “thumbs up” for helping here with some sound advice. You can also use Yelp or other review sites.

Website Recommendation List
Once attained, I could use her recommendation and post it at the bottom of the landing page on my website. That page (and others on my site) shows recommendations to my site visitors. See the recommendations widget here (bottom of my website)  www.garynsmith.net

Post to Multiple Facebook Pages
I’ve also published the story to my Local Pages. What are local pages? I have created a page for each city in my area. (See my “Coverage Area Cities” just under the request an inspection button on the right side of all pages on my website). Now local traffic (buyers, sellers and real estate agents) can see my activity.

Buzz me if you want to know how I created these pages and why. If I get enough interest – I’ll create a How-To-Video and show you what that’s all about – – – but if you follow the pages you can figure it out on your own. I know you can – cause you’re smart home inspectors!

Now – where is that dang rabbit!

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