Crazy Things Sellers Say

Most sellers keep issues with their home secret. If you don’t hire a professional inspector chances are much greater you won’t know the dirty little secret till after you move in.

Home inspectors and sellers often play a game of “hide and seek”. The top notch inspectors usually win. However, sometimes sellers open up when asked. Here’s our latest list of crazy things inspectors hear sellers tell them about their homes.

Sump Pump Pooped Out

Kevin Mathers of Richton Park IL ::  “Vacant house…2 feet of water in crawl space…I ask seller, did the sump pump go out? He said no, I only turn it on when I’m here. I said oh…he said I can turn it on for you, the switch is in the bathroom…again, I said oh…he pushes the reset on the GFCI and it starts….he said the instructions told him it needed to be wired into a GFCI and that was the only one he had….oh. True story.” This one was inspected during the winter, so the flooded basement had chunks of ice floating.

Flooded Basement Vanity


This one speaks for itself.

Roof Leak

We’re not sure if the seller really had a brain. But, What-Tha!?




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