Most comperhensive video we’ve found on how to use Google+. See a list of the tips and tricks (below).

Covered in the Video:

  • Formatting text in posts – how to do bold
  • How to do italic
  • How to do a strikethrough
  • Set up a circle with just yourself to do a text
  • How to edit a post
  • How to disable comments
  • How to lock a post
  • How to delete
  • You cannot link to an unlimited post
  • How to link to a post
  • How to find ripples
  • Adding people into circles from ripples
  • Finding the influencers with the most public reshares
  • How to drag and drop in an image
  • How to add text to an image
  • How to change the font
  • How to edit photos – change the font and colour
  • How to add effects inc. speech bubbles
  • How to add a pixelate effect
  • How to crop an image
  • How to resize an image
  • Choosing 800×600 as the largest size, or nearest you can do
  • Sending to email address,
  • Sending to circles,
  • Sending to extended circles
  • Or sending to public
  • How to add in multiple images to create an album
  • How to scroll through a photo album once sent
  • How to add a link to a post
  • How to add a link – alternative way
  • How to add a file from the desktop
  • How to add a video via YouTube
  • How to make an event
  • How to alter the theme of the event
  • How to change your profile picture
  • How to change your cover picture
  • How to edit your profile
  • How to hide or show who you have in circles
  • Looking at your notifications
  • Visiting the home stream
  • Shifting between streams based on the circle content
  • Changing the name of a circle
  • Dragging and dropping circles
  • Dragging and dropping items on the side bar
  • Press explore to find ‘what’s hot’
  • How to +1 and share
  • +theirname
  • leaving a comment
  • editing a comment
  • deleting a comment
  • +1ing their comment
  • Seeing who else has +1d or reshared
  • Sending someone an email from G+ page
  • Muting someone
  • Blocking and reporting
  • Sending feedback on the system
  • Finding your settings
  • Seeing a trend going up, going down or staying the same
  • Click on a trend to find that content
  • Use a hashtag to search for content
  • Filter the search
  • Pausing the stream
  • How to receive notifications from a circle
  • How to change the volume of content from a circle in my home stream
  • More streams on the homepage under the tab
  • Using J and K to jump up and down posts in a stream
  • Using J and K to move through notifications


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