The Check-in Marketing Train Has Left The Station – Are You Aboard?

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About 3 or 4 years ago (a long time in social/computer growth cycles) I called it “Check-in Marketing

The idea was picked up by one of our industry software vendors, TapInspect.

Today I still share my general  location (at a minimum, the subdivision name and the city) and what I’m doing through the Facebook Check-in feature. By now, the feature is not “real breaking news” unless you’ve been hiding in a hole for the past 3 years.

Today's Home Inspector - MAP LOCATION LOGO - Home Inspector MarketingOk – jump to today. Why is it important to participate in local check-ins?

Because most social software apps include the mobile version of the “what am I doing now” feature you’re comments and brand is more likely to be seen through organic search.

The power behind the exposure is the GEO tagging the check-in carries. Bits of code in your check-in are being used by Facebook to improve their version of local search. All those check-ins help build a more dynamic search: Facebook Places. [I see this as one of Facebook’s next stand alone APPS.]

The new Places mixes up Graph Search, the Page Locations API and other elements to make the directory a worthy supplement for some of your favorite local search and travel sites. It’s not quite yet a genuine substitute. This also comes amid a revamping of local business Pages to put reviews front and center. – searchegineland.c0m

The Google+ APP also includes a check in feature. As a result to using the Google+ location sharing feature people you choose to share with will be able to see your current location on Google products. For example,Today's Home Inspector - Google Plus - Home Inspector Marketing on your Google+ profile, it’s displayed below your name and profile photo on Desktop, Android, and iOS devices. On Android and iOS, they’ll be able to see your location on a map in the Locations destination in the Google+ app. Know that you’ll need to opt-in for this function.

“Check-in Marketing” is another powerful tool that home inspectors can use to broaden their digital footprint and expose their brand beyond the inspector’s office.


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