ASHI Files Suit Against InterNACHI Over Online Post

Here we go again – unfortunately this scene seems to be played out over and over. Either ASHI is filing suit against InterNACHI or InterNACHI is doing the same. Now, it seems slander is the game, and Nick is his name. Or – that’s what ASHI says:

A national association for home inspectors based in the Chicago area sued a rival group over a message-board post that suggested the suburban group was taken over by an organization that advocates for adults having sexual relationships with minors.

In July, an official from the rival group wrote on an online message board that the Des Plaines-based American Society of Home Inspectors “was taken over by NAMBLA on Friday,” according to a complaint filed last week in federal court in Chicago. (Read the lawsuit below.)

NAMBLA is the North American Man/Boy Love Association, which advocates striking down “age of consent” laws making sexual relationships between adults and minors illegal.

The message board post “is an effort by a competitor to drive business away” from the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), said Robert Grabemann, an attorney with Daspin & Aument, which filed the complaint on ASHI’s behalf. The suit asks for damages of at least $2 million.

Read more here and find a copy of the filed suit.


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