3 Ways Twitter Can Grow Your Inspection Business


Here are 3 ways you can use twitter to grow your inspection business.

1. Implement Twitter Cards on Your Website

You want every tweet you send to stand out.  Twitter cards are a great way to do this.

You can set up your website to make sure that when people share your posts, the image shows up in the tweets they send.

Like this:

2. Use Hashtags That Promote Your Expertise

Tweets containing 1 or 2 hashtags have a 21% higher engagement rate than those with 3 or more.

It’s tempting to push every hashtag you can think of into a tweet to attract attention. We’ve discovered that’s a really bad idea!

How do you choose which hashtags are best?

Hashtagify.me is a tool that will help you. It’s free.

There are paid ones too. Try Ritetag.

Keep your hashtags relevant. Example: If your tweet is about plumbing, don’t include the hashtag: #electrical 

3. Monitor Twitter for Keyword Mentions To Grow Relationships

Tools like Hootsuite and TweetDeck let users set up search columns so any mention of a particular word or phrase is immediately highlighted.

The column has a filter function that allows you to monitor tweets coming from a specific mile radius of your office. Follow up/respond to those tweets, build relationships and make new contacts.

Bonus TIP

Use Twitter Embeds (See Above Example)

Author attribution, hashtags, mentions, and other key components of the Twitter experience helps your site’s audience connect with the global conversation happening on Twitter.

The embed can help you grow your audience from your website by clicking the follow button.

Every Tweet displayed on Twitter.com and in TweetDeck includes an embedded Tweet markup generator to easily copy-and-paste embedded Tweet markup and Twitter JavaScript into your webpage.

Select the “More” Tweet action under the Tweet text and select “Embed Tweet” to generate HTML markup to include on your webpage.

Learn More About Embeds Here

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