3 Ways To Master Facebook Advertising

Are you ready to master Facebook advertising? You may think there is something mysterious about Facebook ads. Let’s take a quick look to see how these campaigns match up with your objectives so you can create the campaign that will work best for you.

There are three key ingredients to the sales funnel via Facebook Ads. They are: Awareness. Consideration, and Conversion.


Awareness campaigns are used to highlight your service. Get to know you. Get to know your brand. There are two objectives to the awareness or the “SHOW THEM” campaign: branding and reach.

Brand awareness objectives are designed to show your ads to people who are more likely to pay attention to them. Reach ads are for when you want to reach the maximum number of people in your target audience and control how often they see your ads.

Although the SHOW THEM objectives are designed primarily for exposure (without a purchase), the branding campaign may include call-to-action (CTA) buttons. They are not typically optimized to have your client click a CTA button, however, it’s a nice feature to include. This type ad is created to help build trust.

Since the typical home inspection business is “location specific” the reach objective can help you drive more engagement in a geographically targeted area. When setting up your Facebook ad use the “Everyone in this location” selection. That will help your ad target people near your region or location.

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Consideration (are you worthy)

Consideration campaigns are for prospects who are already considering a product or service like yours. There are five types of consideration campaigns: traffic, app installs, engagement, video views and lead generation. We’ll focus on 3 of the 5 ad type objectives.

Drive More Traffic

The traffic objective is simply designed to get more people to your visit your website or increase engagement with your app. You’re looking for traffic, not leads or sales, so this objective can work great when you’re using a content amplification strategy to get more people consuming your content. A blog ad is an easy example of a traffic ad. You’ll push traffic to your website to help build brand awareness and trust. This type ad can also help with website page ranking – pushing you to page 1!


Facebook Engagement

You’ll choose the engagement campaign when you want to get more people engaged with your page or your posts. To master Facebook ads there are three things the engagement campaign objective options allow you to do:

1. Boost your posts (post engagement)

Do you resonate with your audience? It will help you determine if a piece of content resonates with your followers, and then, you can later turn that post into another ad for conversions. First, you can use page post engagement ads to test content you want to later use in conversion campaigns.

2. Promote your page (page likes)

Page engagement is centered around promoting your Facebook Page, AKA “The Like” campaign. There are four main reasons why you want to be running a Facebook Like campaign:

a. You’ll be able to serve ads to your fans with twice the frequency than you can with non-fans.

b. Social proof works, and the more fans you have, the more social proof you have.

c. You’re able to create “Combination Potential”; whoever sees your ad will have a friend with the potential to see your page.

d. Your Facebook fans are interested in what you do and are in what I would call a warm and fuzzy market. The warm and fuzzy always has a higher ROI.

Video views campaign objective

With the video views campaign the objective is to get your message in front of the people who are most likely to actually watch your video. Keep it short. Long videos (longer than 30 seconds) won’t be watched. With that said, generally speaking, people who watch videos tend to buy. Creating a video views campaign can be a powerful way to launch a campaign introducing your home inspection service. Tie this campaign to a list of Real Estate Agents or other target market in your area. It can help promote an offer or service to a cold audience. The video campaign can move the customer or referral partner along a path that puts them one step closer to becoming a client or promoter.

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Conversion (cha-ching)

Conversions are the holy grail of Facebook marking. It’s where the cash register rings. The conversion campaign goal is to track and measure conversions on your website, your Facebook page or/and your video(s). This campaign goal says “Facebook, put my ad in front of people who are highly likely to convert.”

Master this process by using Facebook’s ad options and you’ll be able to identify your audience, target a geographical location and engage with friends and followers who will promote or hire you.

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